Sunday, August 19, 2012

Prompt- Story Cubes

SpringLea found this Rory's Story Cubes dice 'game' at Wel-green. The bag has 9 dice (all six sided) and each side as a picture on it. It cost about $7.00. I figure it would be a good first prompt for all of us.

Easier writing prompt: write a story that includes one of the three dice groups' icons, or something relating to the icons, in the above picture:
  • dialog bubble, balance scale, unhappy face
  • flashlight, letter 'L', open book
  • parachute, turtle, tree
Harder writing prompt: write a story that includes all nine icons and fits into the theme-- "wedding day."
  • dialog bubble
  • balance scale
  • unhappy face
  • flashlight
  • letter 'L'
  • open book
  • parachute
  • turtle
  • tree


  1. I love this - I know there are other story games out there (group party games) I want to get some because the majority of my friends are very into story telling and writing even if they don't think they are LOL. I am ... maybe going to try this prompt not sure about wedding day... we'll see. ^_^

  2. I did it... but I took everything very literal. I usually try to work a bit more abstractly but, hey, I did it and it was good practice ^^

  3. OO, OOOO! in 4th grade, mr. banchero had daily writing time. Because he felt he should do the same, he wrote a very "wayside school" type story about our class. He had everyone in it. It was awesome.

    Jessica and I had a notebook in high school that we passed back and forth between classes that was very similar. it was fun. Maybe you guys can do that (I assume you all know each other...)