Monday, August 20, 2012

Images and Songs and Writing (not entirely work safe)

The following are some pictures and some songs (just a few that I had handy) that may or may not awaken anything in your creative mind, but just like in improvisational acting, it's always better to say yes than no.  'No' limits us and 'yes' frees us artistically speaking.  So why not have a look and a listen and see if you can pick up what I'm currently putting down?


First image: I simply love pictures/renderings of little children juxtaposed with something dark and almost nightmarish.  It's the obvious implication of innocence and corruption but it's even more because the little child in question finds strength from whatever menacing/powerful creature they are near.  Kind of an interesting idea to ponder. 

Second image: Homo eroticism, which, let's face it, I am somewhat obsessed with.  It's not that I don't enjoy and find value in the traditional partnership of masculine and feminine, because I do (I love all eroticism and romance elements), but homo erotic things really push my tingly buttons and this image is interesting because of the artistic value found within.  A picture is worth a thousand words, isn't that right?  Also, I want their chain veils!  

This next image: Something fun to do - though it does waste some time in the grand scheme of things - is to go and google Doll Generators and Dress Up Games then play around with the designs until you create something yourself that appeals to your artistic authorship.  This is one of many little dolls that I designed on one such doll generator.  You can make something or someone that resembles a character you are working on and that might be a healthy way to stir up some creative juices.

Doll Dress Up Games

These are just a few pictures, I have scores and scores more, some of them saved on the computer, some of them hanging on my walls and all of these things, I hope, foster a visually stirring atmosphere in which to work and live and dream and all that good stuff.


What follows now are some songs that bring up intense images either via their lyrics or their instrumentation and composition.  Enjoy: 

What are some pictures and songs that inspire you?  Did any of the pictures or songs create images or ideas in your head?  Did you check out the doll generator?  Please share your thoughts or images.  Do you think that visual and audio media (not necessarily these images and songs, but just in general) help you or hinder you in the creative process?  

Amanda LaFantasie (Skoora) © 2012

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