Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Discussion Question- a plotter or a pantser?

Are you a plotter or a pantser? A plotter is someone that outlines their novels before writing them. A pantser rides by the seat of their pants and waits for their characters to tell them what happens. Which one are you? And does it work for you and why?


  1. Copied and pasted from FB response: I'm a pantster (generally speaking). It works for me because if I plan too hard and set out the whole novel in my head then I feel like... it's done. I don't have to write it if I already know what happens. It's like knowing the end of a movie - I don't feel that I have to go and watch it if I know the ending. However, I do tend to plot the next scene or next big event to carry the plot on. I will write a chapter of a segment and then when I'm ready to call it quits for the day (or fall asleep) I will jot out a line or two of 'I must put in x and y and get him to point a next time I write.'

  2. Also copied from facebook: I do a little of both and get the half way curse and 3/4 curse and the I do not want this story to end and I'm not sure how to end it anyway curse. *sigh*

  3. again copied from facebook: I've done both. normally I have a 'scene' in mind and write that and then I'm finish because I don't know what happens-- aka why I'm a short story writer. I agree with you Amanda on the whole if you plot out everything you feel like it's done and therefore not motatived to do anything more on it. You know for Hitchcock he use to storyboard every shot of every film he directed--for him he was done with the movie by that point and they hadn't even shoot anything.