Monday, August 20, 2012

Prime Cuts! My (Skoora) revised list of goals and an idea for open mic!

This is how I feel about time management: like a limp clock.
 In answer to Dani's six prime cut questions: the time frame we are working with is a year, and my current schedule is remarkably open, even embarrassingly so.  My life at the moment is spent applying for work, going to the doctors for mental and physical health reasons, going to the Kroc for exercise and overall well being, talking with and visiting friends when able to, and, oh yeah, writing!   Writing is indeed a priority, it is incredibly important to me.  It is frustration and release all at once and it is something that has been part of my life since the very beginning.  Where I am as a writer is standing on the precipice of taking it to the next level.  I've been fooling around with writing for a long time and writing has asked me to commit and I'm being a skittish little cock tease.  I want to commit, I really do, but the logistics scare me.  The following are the goals that will help me as a writer and are most important to me.  In order of least to most important here goes:

  • Time management.  I need to put away my messenger, chat, and Facebook, and devote myself to my characters, plots, and worlds.  When I sit down to write, I need to write. Also I've decided to use this blog as my new fun time relief because writing about writing is still writing and, well, writing about writing is fun! :)
  • Coffee.  I want to keep the creative juices flowing through prompts and other writing exercises, also through bursts of inspiration - let's hope those arrive in abundance.
  • Finishing what I start be it a blog post, a poem, or a novel (or handwritten note or letter!).
  • Grad school and everything to do with it.
  • Characters.  I want a whole slew of people to populate my head and my time.
  • Letter of intent.  I hope to mark this one off very soon.
And now for my idea of open mic fun.  Crimson and I have been toying with the idea of a web series but since that is kind of taking the back burner for now, maybe we could work on doing some recordings of us reading poems and snippets of our work and post it here.  That way we can share and hear how our work sounds and get feedback but also it would make us more aware of our goals and desires because seeing/hearing/realizing our work through visual and audio media is a good way to take writing to the next level.  

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