Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My (Crimson Lantern ) Fatty List of Goals

For my part in the Fatty List of Goals I have been thinking and there are a few that have always been what I could call staples for myself...

1. Improve my spelling and grammar. My Dad used to tell me that I need to buy a comma.

2. Improve my vocabulary, I am always coming across words while reading that I look up. Some I retain while others I do not and I would really love to start doing a weekly vocabulary word.

3. Read more books. There are some classics that I want to tackle but it's not just the classics but not only those but read some others that friends or family suggest. I've always wanted to be well read.

4. Do more research. I adore the paranormal, steampunk, and I love reading lore from other cultures.

5. Finish something. Several years ago I actually finished a book but I'm not happy with it and often times I will write something, get 200 to 300 pages in and decide that I need to rewrite before it's even finished. I get overwhelmed or have a new idea and end up not finishing the story. Or I will get caught up on 'is this publishable' and be uber nit-picky about it, even discouraged.

6. Get something published. I've looked at going the traditional route, getting an agent, and trying to go through a publishing house. I have also looked at self publishing and e-publishing. There are positives and negatives to each.

7. New York Times Best Seller list, I've always wanted to be on it.

8. Write more eloquently and elegantly. I recently watched a documentary on H.P. Lovecraft and during the film they would quote passages from his stories that made me turn to goo and shiver.

9. Improve my writing habit. I want to work the amount of time that I do when am doing National Novel Writers month all the time. Or at least close to that. It would help if I could make a designated time to write every day.

10. Set word goals. Awhile back I tried to write x amount of words a week and I found that sometimes I managed to surpass that amount and I got a lot written. So, I think I want to try that again.

11. Being more descriptive. I've been told I am good with dialogue. However, sometimes I don't do as much with descriptions and people move darn it, I want to throw in more of people's quirks and mannerisms.

That's what I've come up with so far.  


  1. Ya! Gold Star first one done. I think I might have to include the grammar, spelling, and vocab on my list too!
    great list.

  2. One of my friends did a year resolution to draw something every day of the year. To keep himself honest he posted the picture he drew on his blog every day. Maybe that's a good goal - write for 15 minutes a day...