Friday, August 24, 2012

Screenplay Writing

This is just a shout out to the art form of the screenplay.  I adore the form and even though I didn't put screenplays directly on my fatty list of goals, the 'finishing what I start' includes several screenplays.  One of my friends sent me this site years ago and, ashamedly, I never followed up on it.  I think this may or may not be something that those of us who wish to work on screenplays as per their goals (*cough* Dani *cough*) could benefit from. 

And then there is also Syd Field.  His books are a great resource for screenwriting.  I own one of his books (please see the purdy, purdy picture) and it was part of our required reading in my college screenplay class.  I recommend some of his articles which can be found if you scroll down a bit here.  For further information on Syd Field and his seminars and what not, check out his official site: Syd Field.Com.  

This is the book we used in my class. I have this in my bedroom right now.  
And yes, the very mention of bedroom is exciting to me.  
And if you are looking for contests there are several for this art form. I entered one years and years ago and made it to the second or so round which was quite tickling at the time.  Also, as Dani has mentioned to me, maybe we could make April (or some other agreed upon month) an honorary 'Script Frenzy' month for the members of this blog and then we can track our progress here and be a support group for each other.  I would love to revive the screenplay in my regular writing endeavors and Script Frenzy is a great motivator.

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  1. Doing our own Script Frenzy might be good, since the NaNoWriMo people are not doing it anymore. I find having a month long contest to get a person writing is fun, as well as a learning experience.

    1. Agreed! I definitely think we should do a Detangled Writer's ScriptFrenzy. I like having the month deadline - it kicks my butt in gear.