Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goal Post! (Skoora)

My Fatty List of goals:

  • Publication - I want to self publish and do an e-book (series) they are hugely popular right now and have such wonderful fan bases and you can promote your characters/worlds via merchandise and what not and it's just so incredibly exciting to me.
  • Publication - the end game is that I would like a big company (an established publishing company) to publish my books.  I want to play with the big boys and kick 50 Shades of Grey's ass out of the water.
  • Time management.  I may kill Facebook.  I spent about two hours last night organizing my Sim's bedroom.  If I had been organizing my REAL bedroom that would be one thing but it was a stupid pointless game and I can't even justify it as a mode of relaxation anymore.  I want my stress relief to be going to the Kroc and playing board games and talking to friends that I love on the phone.  And the rest of the time, I want to write. 
  • Characters.  I want to make a list of characters that are my babies and I want them to tell me their story and I will chronicle it.  I want them to do the hard work.
  • Vocabulary.  I want to be slick.  Crimson mentioned H.P. Lovecraft and his lines of description are like an orgasm for the reader.  I want my writing to be an orgasm for the reader.
  • Sex - speaking of orgasms.  I want to write erotic material and I want to find a balance between pornographic overload and too little.  I don't want to write pansy sex scenes but I don't want to turn off potential readers with too much explicit content.
  • Back ups!  I recently purchased an external hard drive and I want to make him earn his keep.  
  • Old stuff - remember that external hard drive - yeah I want to go through all my old stuff currently on there and see if I can expand on shorts that I've written in the past and also compare and contrast and see where I am now as a writer versus where I used to be even just a year or two ago.
  • Support - I need support.  I want support.  I get it from Crimson all the time but I'm so excited about this blog because of all that it offers in the ways of creativity and holding me accountable for deadlines and goals. 
  • Artistic immersion - writing is not just about words on paper, it's about images and feelings and verisimilitude and I want to share music links and artistic pictures and drawings that make me hot to write.  
  • Practice.  It takes a master musician x amount of time to become a professional and that time is spent practicing.  No writing is wasteful.  All writing is practice and I want to push myself - just like exercising the body - through writing prompts.  Short ones, long ones, any prompts are welcome from my fellow writers and from my own searching.  
  • Hastings - I have this intense desire to sit at Hastings and have a pile of my books beside me because I'm dong a signing.  Barnes and Noble would work too - point is, I want to be surrounded by books and promoting my own, like sending my kid out into the playground and hoping that he doesn't come back beaten to a pulp because I gave him a funny name.
  • Coffee - and other things that help us write.  I want to find positive ways to keep the creative juices flowing.
  • Semicolon queen - I want to use them less.  They are wonderful but they make me sound pretentious.  Never mind that I am pretentious, I certainly don't want to seem that way.
  • Nanowrimo - I want to do all Nano events, including, if possible, a write in and, like Dani, I would like to donate to them when I have the chance.  I support what they do very much and feel that a great deal of my novel writing is directly thanks to them. 
  • Grad school.  I want to do it and do it well.  I want to come out of grad school with a shit eating grin on my face that says 'yeah, I'm cool, I'm published, want some coffee sometime?'
  • Letter of intent.  This is somewhat of a pressing goal as I need to finish this sometime this week.  I may post it on this blog and get feedback.  Even if you have to rip me to pieces, let me have it!  I want to be honest in my letter but I want my honesty to be portrayed perfectly and some ripping and tearing will probably be in order.
  • FINISH!!!! I want to finish things.  I am terrible at this.  I have a dollar bill bookmarking a book that I started reading in high school and I still have yet to finish it.  There are about fifty pages left.  Maybe I needed to use a twenty dollar bill and that would have encouraged me to finish.  I need to give myself rewards that I really want for finishing things, regardless of the lust for publication.  I need to finish things.  Period.  And I think this group will help perhaps. 
  • Writing by hand!  I want to write letters to people, and writing in journals and the like.  My hand writing is falling by the wayside and while I tend to think of written manuscript and cursive as unnecessary elements in today's writing, these things are the basics, they are how we learned to write in the fist place and still have merit.
Amanda LaFantasie (Skoora) © 2012


  1. Finally and now you have to go do the shorter list bawahahahha! I totally did not get that those guys were dragons and not tigers.

    1. LOL I thought they were tigers too at first. I like the concept for them being dragons. And I like the video >.> I like the woman with no eyes.

    2. I'm moving the pics and the songs to a new post so keep this one just as my fatty goals. Dani seemed to think it was too A.D.D. pshhhh LOL as if I would ever be too A... OMG MY HAND!!!