Monday, August 27, 2012

Individual Homework

Individual Homework--
We have gotten to the point where we'll look at our individual goals and taking the first step with one or more of them. Let me know if you feel that this is too much homework, or to 'childish' to be doing it this way, and we can think of something else.

One of your goals is to set a time everyday to write and setting a word goal for the week or the day. Decide on a weekly word count that you can easily accomplish. And start creative writing and/or journalling to accomplish that.
Vocab word for the weekly entry :)

One of your goals is grad school and everything to do with it. Narrow down your school list to at most 5. You can do this any way you like (create a set of questions/requirements you want and narrow it down that way, spread sheet to see the differences, or random dice throwing.)
Make a list of questions to ask each school (include general questions for all the programs and special questions for that individual school). By end of the week, have it narrowed down to your top 2 choices (or a number you are willing to apply/pay for).

Goal of backing up everything-- Take a few hours this week and backup by either email or flash drive everything that you don't have saved outside of your computer.

Alex- daily free writing (use any topic, prompt, or excise you wish) at least five minutes each.

rewrite problem scene in rough draft.
post/respond to a prompt for this week
daily free write
1 hour on typing up old notes/stories/poems etc.
Get laptop up and running as main computer
  • security software
  • office setup
  • Scrivener
  • locate port's plug
  • connect to Internet
Dani for Blog-
set up the page for review and beta readers
set up template for bio page of contributors
prompts & discussion question


  1. This week my goal is 5,000 words, just until I figure out what this new medicine is going to do to me. Makes me eyes really blurry and gives me headaches and nausea so far. Very annoying. Then I would like to bump it up to 20,000 words a week and work to surpass that.

  2. I'm going to take a field trip to Hastings and purchase the Poets and Writers magazine to help me in my narrowing down and examination of schools. I'm also going to do the writing prompt exercises on my personal blog. I hope to have it narrowed down to two or one by the end of the week. Also as a personal goal in the future I'm going to look over past writings and try and determine what is or could be literary fiction versus genre fiction.