Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crimson Lantern's Short List of Goals

In response to Dani’s second week of Homework, here is my revised (shorter) list of goals.
1.      Finish a book, this is a something that has challenged me since I first began writing. I have actually finished a book and several fan fics but nothing was publishable. Finishing is sometimes a very hard task because I don’t want the story to end. I don’t want to let the characters go.

2.      Improve Spelling and Grammar, Spelling is a little easier than grammar because I can just go look up a word but grammar eludes me. It’s like important paperwork, my brain shuts off and leaves me looking like a fool with drool.

3.      Be more descriptive, I know a lot of first drafts are supposed to be word vomit. That’s okay but sometimes I plow through stuff and then get hung up on not wanting to interrupt the flow of the story by adding details. If I could slow myself down a little and start out doing some decent descriptions in the first place I might be a little more inclined to add to them later. And like I said before, I really want to emphasize people’s mannerisms and quirks to help give life to the characters.

4.      Write more eloquently and elegantly, I want more quality over quantity. I don’t want to be the next mediocre writer who can pumps stuff out fast and drops the ball on telling a good story.

5.      Improve my writing habit/setting word goals, I actually think I need to combine the two from my last list into one. Setting a time every day to write and setting a word goal for the week or the day I think would help.

6.      Get something published, whether it be an ebook, self publishing, or going through a publishing house I would like to get something published within the next year (2013) or so.  

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  1. I think this sounds like a good trimmed down list and I am going to put mine up in just a few. <3