Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dani's Fatty List

  • set aside two hours a week to write (20 mins. a day)
  • finish a rough draft on past NaNoWriMo projects
    • 1st Impressions
    • The Thecla Series
  • complete the word total of a NaNoWriMo in the allocated time (but I would be happy to beat my word count from the last two years/ go to an event/ donate to the NaNoWriMo)
  • back up all writing material on flash drives (and organize)
  • type up all hand written notes and stories (maybe 1 hr. a week?)
  • attend 2 conference/classes about writing
  • do a publishing pitch
  • enter a contest and/or submit short piece to a journal
  • once polishing-- recheck out Writing Clinic and apply the practice.
  • write a writing guide-- focused on writer's block and continuing the story.
  • fill up one notebook (because I have the bad habit of starting a journal and then buying a new one and writing in that one instead of the original one.)
  • screen play for 20 Years Later 
  • write short story on the brothers
  • have a good prompt list
  • daily journal, dream journal, BLOG<-- weekly
  • go to a reading and/or open mic
  • perform at a reading or open mic
  • create an online writing group
  • create a 'current life's truths' list
  • create a perfect cover letter
  • write a short story on Lebecca's china story
  • read and practice The Artist Journey
  • regularly keep in touch with writing friends. Have writing night once a week and make it a priority!
added from C.L list:
  • improve my spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. And be more focused when writing emails (I tend to switch out words like 'think' with 'like' and 'should' with 'show')


  1. You're a lot braver than me, I don't think I could do an open mic night. ^.^ Awesome Goals!

  2. I want to do an open mic night >< I would need some tequila first I think LOL - OOOOR YES YES I have it! I'll put it on my list <3