Tuesday, September 25, 2012

prompt-List of Truths

The Pocket Muse's Ten Commandments post, reminded me of this prompt from my first creative writing class in high school. This is also a prompt that I come back to every so often and re-do or re-read. It's amazing what values change and what don't.

Create a list of life's truths. Everything and anything can be included. These are YOUR truths. Pull from your experience and view point to create this list.


  1. I like this and it makes sense. As I'm reading more and more into "Writing Down the Bones" I'm seeing a recurring theme that writing is enhanced by your own 'goodness/personality/morals/freedom/etc' and vice versa. It is good to know what sort of truths you are voicing, subduing, exalting, or slamming in your writing.

  2. This is a very interesting prompt, and definitely something I will try in the near future! Thank you for sharing!