Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Progress Report...

So, one of my goals from a couple of weeks ago was to type up the hand-written novel beginning from my NaNoWriMo 2009 attempts. Which I did. Granted I noticed a few things when I did this:
  1. When Dani is time writing, she'll write anything; therefore, I have added two wars, a holiday, and a cultural rite of passage that I don't believe I meant to add to the story (especially since one of my wars is supposed to happen 25 years AFTER the beginning of the story)
  2. 2009 Dani and 2012 Dani have the same ideas. I would type a sentence and would go "oh wouldn't it be cute if..." and then the next sentence would be what I thought.
  3. two of my scenes aren't with the rest of the story (I found them this past week though!!)
  4. My nymph's eye color changed mid story. clearly I've gotten confused about my vampire and nymph details
  5. some of my solutions are too obvious, and I need to make them more of a challenge
  6. I found a HUGE hole in the plot line (why not just kill the evil guy with my nymph assassin who just changed sides?)
  7. My POV is all over the place. It switches from limited 3rd, omniscient 3rd, and observing 3rd. Not only is that problematic, but some of my limited scenes are in a point of view of non-main characters. Clearly my inability to write something longer than a scene has gotten me in this fix.
  8. I have too many unemotional characters in this book. I know that three out of the five are from races and aged so they should be less emotional--however, I'm sure that my personal want to be stoic is coming into play.
  9. I made my other two characters telepathic with each other (say what??) I don't remember doing it, but I need to rewrite the scene anyway so that's going to go.

Homework from last week:
Ok so last week wasn't that great for any of my goals (including things outside of the blog). But I did get some in:
  • I did do my hour (and more) on typing up notes
  • I got the laptop set up (security, Microsoft office, and Internet)
  • I bought and started the tutorial for Scrivener (yes, expect a post about this once I'm done with the tutorial)
  • moved, reformatted (Microsoft Work to Microsoft Word) all past works, moved all writing over to the laptop (that took longer than I was expecting), and somewhat organized it.
  • wrote up (hand-written) the description of beta reader vs. review/critic group read
  • subscribed to Writers and Poets and read 3/4 of it.
  • researched POV and started making an outline for a later blog
  • free wrote two days (I really need to get better on this)
  • rewrote the problem scene through those two free write (but still not done with the scene)
That's it for me.
How about the rest of you-- how did your homework go?
What do you want to work on this week?


  1. Congrats on getting some things done and don't you love those 'oh crap' moments when reading through a draft? XD I'm so excited that you're going to get going on that story again - I don't know too much about it but I love the fantasy genre muchly. Also yay for you getting nice and organized. I am sucking at this. I'm going to make a post on what I did and didn't do for my goals - it won't be as exciting as yours lol.

  2. Wow! You were so busy and industrious! Keep on it Dani!

  3. Thanks--guys I was actually feeling guilty last week because I was slacking on all my goals (running and food included) last week because I borrowed True Blood (season 3 and 4) and was very focus on pretty vampires, fairies, and shapeshifters. But after listing them and getting praise I feel better about it.