Friday, June 7, 2013


A couple of months ago my Dad sent me an e-mail titled "A free, no frills thing like Scrivener. (looks pretty cool)". Inside was a link to a review done by PCWorld that I found interesting.

YWriter is a distraction-free, free organizing tool for writers.

I've played around with it a little here and there and found it to be really interesting. I think it's going to be really helpful as far as organization goes. At the moment my notes and ideas are scattered about in various small notebooks, documents saved on multiple flash drives, and in no way organized. Even if I happen to have a set of notes all in the same notebook, they aren't in order, and there's a lot of 'oh wait,' on my part and a lot of page flipping.

Anyway, it is not as detailed as Scrivener, can't do everything that Scrivener can, but it does appear to be a good alternative to try. 


  1. Ooh, thanks! Downloaded it. I'll probably tinker with it all night now. Also downloaded a trial version of Scrivener and just from a quick glance....I covet it badly. It's like One Note except with the added benefit of being for writers.

    1. Yay! I'm glad. I need to start moving my notes over to the program and then I need to back them up to a several flash drives and the external hard drive. I may seem paranoid but I have had too many floppy disks get wiped, computer crashes, and lost dead flash drives with losses of work to take any chances.

  2. You can never have too many backups. Well...that's not entirely true, because then you have to sync all that crap and it can end up taking on an unruly life of its virtual hoarding disorder. >.<

    I played around with YWriter earlier today. It seems rather spartan at first but that's mostly because it doesn't have bells and whistles. I created one project and wrote 3 character profiles [I'd love to see customizable character templates!] in it. It would even be a good program for someone who has lots of different RP's. I'll proobably fiddle around with Scrivener for a bit and see how it stacks up to YWriter.

  3. I have tried a couple of writing programs for novels. While they are nice, I eventually end up using good old Word. I actually find myself getting frustrated using software and I don't really know why. I guess I like having all my notes and character descriptions in random notebooks. The only software I use is Celtx for screenplay writing, because of the easy formatting.