Saturday, June 1, 2013

Weekly Vocabulary

a·mal·gam (-mlgm)   n.

1. Any of various alloys of mercury with other metals, especially:
  • a. An alloy of mercury and silver used in dental fillings.
  • b. An alloy of mercury and tin used in silvering mirrors.
2. A combination of diverse elements; a mixture: an amalgam of strength, reputation, and commitment to ethical principles. See Synonyms at mixture.

My note: (In writing and in reading we see use of this word - the second definition - used quite frequently)

troi·ka (troik)  n.

1.a. A Russian carriage drawn by a team of three horses abreast. b. A team of three horses abreast.
2. See triumvirate.

My note: (I have seen this used in a writing books to describe sets of three. It's a might bit more creative than trio.)

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