Saturday, November 9, 2013

Which time? Writing prompt for all and stress relief for National Novel Writer's Month participants.

I got to thinking today, after watching NBC's Dracula, about time periods, historical figures, and buildings, landscapes and so on. There are so many time periods and places I wish I could be a fly on the wall of. I wish I could have seen Queen Elizabeth I and England during her reign or Queen Victoria during hers. I would like to have seen the kind of lives some of my ancestors lived, how they made ends meet, where they came from, what their views were. I wish I could have seen certain places of the world before time and war had crumbled them.

So I posed a question to all of my friends on Facebook, mostly because I am curious, but also because as I was writing it, I thought perhaps this would be a good time to convert the question into a writing prompt. I left it open for those who just want to give short answers and for those who want to take a break from Nano and write something short and easy. So here's the question or rather questions:

What time period/place do you wish could visit, if it were possible for you to go?
What would you most like to see and what would you like to do while there?
Who would you like to meet in person if there is or was someone you'd like to meet?

And to add another element to the questions, first write this as if you couldn't do anything to change history, because if you did, it would disrupt everything. Then, write it as if it wouldn't matter if you changed history, if you could change history, but remember there are consequences to every action. How do you think your changing things will shape the future?


  1. I'm not talented enough to be a writer like you but this is a wonderful book, i love the tudors and the period just before- love the books of philippa gregory, would love to meet jacquetta, lady rivers and her witchy ways! blessings, alison xx

    1. I can't believe I am just now seeing this! I guess I've just been away and not paying enough attention, for that I am sorry.

      You know, I don't believe I have ready anything by Philippa Gregory, I did see The Other Boleyn Girl but i bet the book was much better. I bet Henry would have been even more terrifying in it!

      I love the Tudor period as well!