Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Progress Report for Skoora

I'm over the halfway mark on my first semester in the Solstice MFA program.  I have about ten books left to read (I'm behind, unfortunately) and I have five craft analyses under my belt, one pedagogical response finished, three cover letters, one artists statement, and somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty pages toward my novel.  There are more pages than that, but those are incomplete scenes and chunks of notes.  On the whole I have to say that distance learning with a mentor has really worked well for me.  It was new and I was unsure at the beginning but I enjoy the back and forth of the cover letter and have found Steve Huff's comments to be incredibly helpful.  His critiques are honest but not rude.  He doesn't skirt around issues and, when necessary, he offers reasons behind his assessments.  It's been a wonderful journey so far and I'm a little sad that I only have two more packets to exchange with him.  That being said, I need to get my rear in gear because I want to share brand new writing with him on this next packet as well as really start putting into practice the things that he's touched upon in his responses to my packets.

One thing that we discussed is narrative authority.  I tend to write 'somehow' and 'perhaps' when writing in observant third person and not writing directly from the characters experience.  This makes it sound as if I, the god-like narrator, does not know how or why something happens.  The character does not know these things, but the narrator definitely does.  This is something I definitely want to work on because a vast majority of the stories I want to write will depend greatly upon the credibility of the observer narrator.

This month is a Camp NaNoWriMo month and I am signed up with a 20,000 word goal.  Usually I try and crank out the 50K but since the majority of what I am writing right now is coming to me slowly and with much revision and polishing, I figured a smaller goal would be less stressful and much more feasible.  I'm curious about my fellow contributors: are any of you participating in NaNoWriMo this month and if so what kind of projects are you undertaking?  I am working on my dystopian novel as well as a few short stories that may be lead ins to future novel projects.  

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  1. You are busy! 20K is a good goal, especially how much you have going on right now.

    Narrative authority sounds interesting. I've never really thought about it before, but I think that is because my novels have a ton of dialogue. But that does give me something to think about.

    I'm not doing NaNo this time, maybe the one in June. I'm busy editing my 600 pager.

  2. We need to talk more in depth about this 'somehow' and 'perhaps'.

    As you know I am participating. I set a small goal but actually sitting down to write has been a bit out of my reach.

  3. I logged into my NaNoWriMo site, but I can't see any links to actually start the camp NaNo thing. Is it a separate site?

    1. This blog never tells me when anyone posts >< I just have to go and check periodically. This is crazy late but yes it is a separate site.

      ^^ That might not be all that helpful this time around. I hope you got the site from somewhere before now. <3 Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

  4. And I love the color scheme for this blog!