Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taking a giant wall of paranoia and turning it into a stepping stone...

The Siamese looks like Pandora- a kitty I used to have.
On of the things my friends and family can safely say about me, at least those who really know me, is that I am generally very paranoid. I would say I have been blessed with a healthy dose of it, my paranoid parents might also say so, but others might frown on the extent of this particular trait. Lately I think I've decided that I should be a little less paranoid in one respect of my life and that just so happens to be my writing.

In such I've decided that part of my problem is that I am not getting the feedback that I need. But what to do? I've been around enough thieves and criminals in my life to be suspicious of every one's motives -I am being very serious here- and thus I narrow my eyes at the thought of letting people I'm not close too read anything but fan fiction, especially other writers. I'm not trying to be mean or make anyone think that I couldn't trust them, it's just well, I'm damn paranoid. 
Still, I need the feedback so I am going to have to start trusting people sometime, somewhere, and somehow. I am starting with Skoora and then I will branch out. 

But me reaching out for feedback isn't a one way street. I would like others to trust me enough to let me give them feedback as well. And as paranoid as I am of my own writing being stolen or abused, I really do understand another having the same feelings. 



  1. I think that this group is a good place to start. I know that part of the goals of the blog is to be able to give each other critical feedback. I hope that I can help and that you feel comfortable branching out. I do understand the secrecy and that can be useful at times, but it's also vital to know how others perceive what you write so that you can grow as an author.

  2. You know what would make the topmost picture even funnier? If the other cat wasn't watching him at all. xD