Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Progress Report for Crimson Lantern

There isn't much to tell as far as my progress is concerned. It has actually been rather disappointing. In fact I'm feeling crushed under the rock of stagnation. Of course some of that is due to some things that are beyond my control. I think my biggest problem has been lack of inspiration and lack of drive. I don't really know what's happened but I've found myself severely tripped up and need to be nudged back on the path. 

Skoora and I rearrange the bedroom and that seems to have helped a little. To help with my feelings of stagnation, I've decided to divide my writing time up with some reading in the genre that I love the most to write in.  I have managed to kick myself back on track a little with some blog writing. I am also going to do some writing exorcises and see about working on some short stories. 

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