Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Goal to Write Every Day

I'm going to write every day this year.  I'm going to get out one of my old journals and put a few lines down.  If I write a blog or write on a novel, my entry might just be 'see blog' or 'Death Man 300 words' or what not.  I need to write.  That is my life blood right now.  I need focus.  And any writing, no matter how serious, how decent, how pathetic, or how bland, is better than no writing.

Amanda LaFantasie © (last day of) 2013


  1. I've been writing every day but I'm not sure it counts because it's RP. I guess that should count-it is writing. I had four RP's but am down to two now. One fizzled out because the other person became too busy, the other one fizzled out after only a forum page of post because the other person is a friend of my sons and Terry's. And I think she found it a bit weird to RP with a friend's mom, lol. She's only about 23 so I guess she's too young to wrap her head around that concept and feel comfortable with it. It was sort of disappointing because she's actually local and I was hoping to find someone who I could actually talk to about the RP's in real life, watch stupid movies, have giggle fits and whatnot. *sigh* Oh well. At least I still have the other two RP's, one Dark Thor / Artist Loki AU and a regular canon Thor / Loki. The Dark Thor was is up to 30 forum pages, tens of thousands of words at this point.

    I had one RP as Loki and it turned out the person I was RP'ing with was only 12 years old! I was so upset. I just thought I was RP'ing with an inexperienced writer, but I started getting suspicious when the content itself sounded a bit immature. Thank god I hadn't gotten into anything sexy-time. I gave her a gentle explanation about why I couldn't RP with her and she took it well. *whew!*