Saturday, February 2, 2013

An anonymous search engine for the more... interesting of searches.

I would like to take this time to share something my Father shared on his own blog. Being that he is paranoid and extremely found of certain levels of privacy and that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, I present my writing friends with this anonymous internet search engine . Because as writers we all like or need to look up things that our government, as much as they like to protect us, just don't need to be considering as possible acts of terror. 

For example, I am a near 30 year old white woman with severe depression and social phobias and in my writing process, for some stories, I might look up rocket launchers, exploding gun rounds, gun types and where to get them, or even ways to poison some of my characters or devices that would cause chaos and harm. While that is all benign in nature for me and my craft, someone who is watching for those key words in searches might not look at them so fondly. 

So perhaps, like my father I am being paranoid. Or perhaps this is my inherent nature reaching out to protect my friends from possibly being spied upon and put on a watch list for the wrong reasons. Call it what you will, take it as you will, but it's here for your use.   


  1. Ah, I just don't know, LOL, being a person of interest might be the only fame I ever get XD >_^

    1. That's not exactly the kind of fame you really want. I don't approve of conjugal visits, my dear.