Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seeing is believing

Look at the picture above, isn't it pretty? Do you like it? Would you want to venture there and have a day or even an whole vacation? What do you imagine when you look at the picture? Are you already creating a story filled with characters?

Visual elements are just as important to writing as taste or touch and other senses. Normally I would say go outside and spend the day looking around and observing everything, taking notes, and doing the same inside your house or where ever you decide to go and I still encourage that. But, sometime the places and sights to see that you want to set in your stories or ideas are impossible to get to or get your hands on. You may have a story in France and have never been nor have the money to go. Some stories might be set in the past, the future, or even on a different world or reality. There may be items you'd like to describe, flora and fauna, that you're not too familiar with.  For those stories books, art, and the internet are great resources. So in conjunction with looking at things at home and in your area outside check out the internet, go to the library and look at the books, and see if you can get into museums. Pay attention to all the details like color, size, and textures.
Look, really look!

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  1. Looking at things through the internet is an even better way to 'see' things I think because it forces you to really use your imagination to fill in the rest of the blanks and to depend on what it is you see without the aid of other senses. It's a great exercise especially for writing a scene where a character's vision is enhanced or impaired in some way. Also, this is the 100th published post on Detangled Writers! Congrats to you and to all the contributors and the editor! <3